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Art Intelligence

Art Intelligence


Art Intelligence is a first-of-its-kind app-building platform for the global arts community. It enables arts professionals to create mobile apps so they can show their work and tell their story without ever having to learn a line of code.

All of this was created from nothing, and was the ambitious vision of its founder, a former New York Times art critic and historian with over 30 years experience working in the art world.

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A project in 3 parts...


The App

This is what users download from the App Store. Each "edition" features one or more artists. The narrative structure and interaction between editions is the same, which allows users to binge on multiple apps and get right into the story. It's broken out into a few sections:

  • An overview of the artist

  • An Instagram-like gallery of artwork separated into sections that mirror the organization of a career retrospective, complete with inspirations at the tail-end of each section.

  • A timeline that shows the artist's work shown against the backdrop of cultural happenings and world events, lending perspective to their place in history.

  • Biography of the artist's life, and bibliography.



The interface that customers use to load and manage the images, metadata and content that will be packaged together and published as an app.

In short, it's a web application that creates and builds iOS apps.


The Website

The marketing front-end of Art Intelligence. Its main purposes:

  1. Explains the business offering to potential customers

  2. Showcases the existing apps to potential users

  3. Markets the existing apps in standalone landing pages for existing customers